Eternal Love

[About this poem]
I wrote this poem sometime in 2004. I must have been in a very Gothic mood back then. ...

Again this morn I stand before
Your coffin made of glass
With snow white face I must deplore
No kiss will wake my lass.
Eternity can not erase
The memory of your smile
So long ago lost in a haze
Seems like the shortest while.
The hate swells up, again that urge
Avenge I must my dear
Dark waves of madness o'er me surge
The killing time is near.
The fat bald bloke that dared to touch
Your sweet delicious brow
Found out last night, it takes not much
To tear a chest: I showed him how.
Believe me, love, the wiry boy
That brought your coffin here
Screamed louder than my scream of joy
My sharp fangs taught him fear.
Life blood all drained, he is no more
Triumphing agony, I shout:
For you, my love, I ripped and tore
His thumping warm heart out.
I leave you now, my mission waits
I won't be long, my pearl.
I cross the room and at the gates
I'm nodding to the girl.
Blonde curls, a smile and sparkling eyes
Her charms are lost on me
She cannot know, this night she dies
I'll cut her up with glee.
British Museum, you'll know dread,
I think, and walk away
How dare you put my darling's head
As mummy on display!