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My CD cover designs for LibriVox projects


021. The Day of Resis, by Lillian Frances Mentor
Cover uploaded on May 25, 2023
Cover picture: Камни в лесу. Валаам - Stones in the Forest. Valaam (about 1860) by Ivan Shishkin (1831-1898).

One more project that my sister pointed out to me. Sonia tells me that the story is about a lost valley hidden behind a mountain range in Africa, a mysterious land of deep rivers and dark forests. And she had the perfect picture to capture that mood: a painting by her beloved Russian painter Ivan Shishkin. I was immediately on board with it. The detail from the painting shows moss-covered stones among dense undergrowth. One can practically feel the raptor around the corner, ready to poke its curious head out.

022. Verspreide verhalen, door A. L. G. Bosboom-Toussaint
Cover uploaded on July 2, 2023
Cover picture: Der Liebesbrief (The Love Letter) (1875) by Hans Makart (1840-1884).

A Dutch-language project with the revealing title "Various stories". Four short stories about love, as it seems. So I chose a painting à l'eau de rose done by the 19th-century Austrian artist Hans Makart. The cover turned out sweet, flowery and very Gründerzeity in my opinion. What's not to like.

023. A Reply To A Young Lady, by James Barron Hope
Cover uploaded on July 11, 2023
Cover picture: Portrait of Comtesse d'Haussonville (1845) by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780-1867).

This was an interesting project of sorts, a poem by James Barron Hope, read nineteen times by different Librivox readers. The poem itself is a paternalistic warning to a young lady to behave according to her station in life. A rather silly and blissfully futile endeavour. So the challenge was to capture the look on the enterprising young lady's face when she hears these admonishings. Sonia found this portrait by French painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. "Hm, I think not", she seems to say, musingly. The perfect look! Love this cover.

024. Julian der Abtrünnige, von Felix Dahn
Cover uploaded on August 11, 2023
Cover picture (detail): Julian the Apostate Presiding at a Conference of Sectarians (1875) by Edward Armitage (1817-1996).

This German-language novel introduced me to the Roman emperor Julian whose life was characterized by the struggle between competing Germanic pagan, Christian and traditional Roman world views. He lived in a time of transition and upheaval not unlike our own and the author presented the subject in a very interesting way. The cover illustration is a detail from a painting by Edward Armitage. It shows the emperor at a conference beleagered by competing factions. Poor guy. LOL

025. Nerves and Common Sense, by Annie Payson Call
Cover uploaded on September 3, 2023
Cover picture: Неаполитанка - Portrait of a Neapolitan woman (1894) by Ilya E. Repin (1844-1930).

Nerves and Common Sense is a collection of articles about how to deal with everyday stressful situations, written by Annie Payson Call, around the turn of the 20th century. Seeing the book was aimed primarily at a female readership, I chose the picture of a young woman, thoughtfully reading her papers, composed and quiet, and yet there seems to be a certain tension in her shoulders, her chest heaving with an involuntary sigh. Or maybe I'm reading way too much into this. In any case, it's a great painting by Ilya Repin, and I love the colour code of the cover.

026. Voyage en Corse, par Gracieux Faure
Cover uploaded on September 16, 2023
Cover picture: Forest Scene at Ailo in Corsica (detail) (1870s) by Károly Markó (1791-1860).

Voyage en Corse is a collection of essays by French author Gracieux Faure about his travels to Corsica, about famous people and historic events connected with the place. I love the painting by Hungarian artist Károly Marcó, the forest scene showing a wild and overgrown part of the island, untamed and free. Corsica is one of the few places of Europe that I have not visited but it's definitely on my bucket list.

027. The Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Barrett, Part 1, by Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Cover uploaded on September 25, 2023
Cover picture: Clasped Hands of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1853) by Harriet Hosmer (1830-1908).

The Letters of Robert and Elizabeth Browning is a project in three volumes, read by my sister and another volunteer. Sonia tells me that, during their early acquaintance, the couple wrote to each other at least once a day, sharing their thoughts and feelings. Elizabeth's father did not approve of his daughter marrying at all, but they overcame all obstacles. After their marriage, the Brownings did not exchange any more letters for the simple reason that they did not stay apart for a single day. The intimate connection of these two soulmates is perfectly caught in the cast of their hands, joining together in a clasp. A perfect partnership, one helping the other. And a perfect cover picture for this audio book.

028. The Dream: a novel, by H. C. Wells
Cover uploaded on November 1, 2023
Cover picture: (details from) Silver Moonlight (1880) by John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893) and Expulsion from the Garden of Eden (1828) by Thomas Cole (1801-1848)

The Dream by H. G. Wells is the story of a man living in a future time. One day, he falls asleep and dreams another man's whole life. Upon waking, he tells his friends about his dream, marvelling at the strange customs of the long-gone society, which of course is none other than Wells' own time. I wanted to create a dreamy, slightly spooky atmosphere, and came up with the idea of using a pic within a pic... a girl walking down a Victorian street, unaware of the gate to a wholly different world opening up right in front of her. Will she be sucked in by the ominous radiation emanating from this alien world, or will she simply pass it by, never knowing what she could have seen in this other realm?

029. The White Sister, by Frances Marion Crawford
Cover uploaded on November 10, 2023
Cover picture: (detail): W Wielki piątek (On Good Friday) (1890) by Olga Boznańska (1865-1940).

The White Sister is the romantic love story of a young woman who, believing her lover to be dead, decides to enter a nunnery. Alas he isn't, but now she has pledged her life to the convent. Will there be a happy ending for the star-crossed lovers? Sonia found this great painting of a cute little nun by Polish painter Olga Boznańska, which makes for a great cover. I'm quite happy with the soft, creamy colour scheme as well.

030. The History of St. Dominic: Founder of the Friars Preachers, by Augusta Theodosia Drane
Cover uploaded on December 22, 2023
Cover picture: (detail): St. Dominic, a print by Philip Galle (1537-1612) from the book edition of 1891.

After The White Sister came a vita of Saint Dominic, founder of the Dominican Order. Definitely a Catholic fil rouge there. I had some trouble coming up with a cover for this. I quite liked the Renaissance portrait of Saint Dominic which graces the cover of the book's first edition, but how to integrate the oval picture into a square CD cover? I'm not sure I came up with the best possible solution and this cover is, sadly, not one my favourites, but I guess one cannot expect to be kissed by the Muse of Design all the time.


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