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My sister is a very active member on the free audiobook site Librivox.com, where volunteers read public-domain books and make them available to the general public for free. From time to time, I like to record a poem as well, or take a small part in a play. But in 2022, I discovered another great niche: designing cover art for the finished audiobooks. Here you can see the covers I have finished so far. The links will take you to the audiobook, which you can listen to and download on the Librivox site.
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My CD cover designs for LibriVox projects


001. Le trésor épistolaire de la France. 1ère série: du 16e au 18e siècle, compilé par Eugène Crépet
Cover uploaded on February 27, 2022
Cover pictures are details from: Briefschrijvende jongeman bij geopend venster (1665) by Gabriel Metsu (1629-1667) and The letter by Alfred Stevens (1823-1906).

My very first cover design. The book is a compilation of letters written by renowned French people of the 16th to 18th centuries. I chose two paintings from those times (well, the lady is actually from a 19th century artist, but it looked antique enough to me) and incorporated a detail of each painting into my design. I'm very happy about the result, I still think it's one of the best cover designs I've made so far. It's kind of a challenge when the title, subtitle and author name are very long, but here it turned out rather well balanced, in my opinion.

002. The Haunted Homes and Family Traditions of Great Britain, by John Henry Ingram
Cover uploaded on March 5, 2022
Cover pictures from the illustrated edition (1897). Main picture: Lowther Hall.

Haunted Homes - now there's an interesting title. I was inspired by the black-and-white pictures in the original book, published in 1897. In my opinion, the cover gives off a very metal gothic aura of ghostly ladies in period costumes strolling through ruined abbeys. What's not to like. I also feel that the font nicely matches that gravestone-vibe as well. So I'm rather pleased with the result.

003. Away in the Wilderness, by R.M. Ballantyne
Cover uploaded on April 4, 2022
Cover picture from the illustrated edition (1890).

This is the cover for a 19th-century adventure tale set in the as-yet-unexplored American frontier. The original illustrations in the book gave an excellent impression of what it must have been like to travel through this wild, unknown territory before the advent of trains or asphalted roads. I quite like the depth and contrast between the black-and-white illustration and the colourful frame.

004. Not for the Night-Time, by Theo Gift
Cover uploaded on April 11, 2022
Cover picture: The Nightmare (1781) by Henry Fuseli (1741-1825) (detail)

This cover design was a lot of fun. What better illustration for a compilation of short stories about "supernatural and unsettling" events than Fuseli's famous painting The Nightmare. Here I experimented for the first time with some new and unusual fonts. The one that made it on the finished cover is called Nosifer. I just love its ominous, dripping letters.

005. Popular Superstitions, and the Truths Contained Therein by Herbert Mayo
Cover uploaded on June 13, 2022
Cover picture: Miss Sharpe's illustration of Mary Shelley's story "Transformation" in The Keepsake (1830)

Yet another eerie and ghostly cover for an epistolary compilation about superstitions and strange phenomena like vampirism, somnabulism and ghost sightings. The illustration on the cover originally accompanied Mary Shelley's short story Transformation, which fits the context nicely. As the title was quite long, I experimented with larger and smaller text sizes and I'm rather happy with the result.

006. Tag und Nacht, von Alfred Mombert
Cover uploaded on June 15, 2022
Cover pictures: Le Jour (1910) and La Nuit (1911) by Odilon Redon (1840-1916)

This cover design is very different from the former ones, as the book itself is quite different too. No ghost stories or other gruesome sightings this time. Tag und Nacht (Day and Night) is a collection of works by Albert Mombert, a poet affiliated with German Symbolism and early Expressionism. So I looked for a painting that would fit the period, the vibe and, ideally, the subject as well. I was delighted when I found not only one, but two, that ticked all three boxes: the paintings Le Jour (The Day) and La Nuit (The Night) by French symbolist Odilon Redon.

007. The World's Great Men of Music: Story-Lives of Master Musicians, by Harriet Brower
Cover uploaded on July 15, 2022
Cover pictures: Edvard Grieg (portrait by Hansen Weller, ca 1870) and Carl Maria von Weber (painting by Thomas Lawrence, 1814)

A book about the lives of 25 celebrated musicians from Bach and Beethoven to the late-19th-century composers. I chose portraits from two of the musicians, of which one, Edvard Grieg, happens to be one of my favourite composers. I resisted the temptation to go for the most obvious ones like the aforementioned B&B. Everyone knows what they look like but I for one was not familiar with this portrait of Carl Maria von Weber. It's always nice to learn something new. Though there is a lot going on on the cover with two portraits, some sheet music and a not-so-small title, the end result is pleasantly uncluttered. One of my favourite cover designs.

008. Aus dänischer Zeit, von Charlotte Niese
Cover uploaded on August 1, 2022
Cover picture taken from the original book cover (1897)

This is an autobiographical text by the German writer Charlotte Niesen who grew up on the island of Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea. I liked the cover illustration of the original book and so, without looking any further, I incorporated it into my cover design. I tried to give the sleeve more of a period look with the frame which, to me at least, looks a bit like the stitching on an old Northern needlework.

009. Predecessors of Cleopatra, by Leigh North
Cover uploaded on August 1, 2022
Cover picture taken from the original book (1906)

I was on a roll so I delved right into the next project. As you can see, the "stitched frame" got recycled, or, shall we say, I played through a variation of it and tried to evoke an ancient Egyptian vibe of scarabs, turquoise gemstones and desert sands. I have an excellent imagination. The lady with the interesting headdress is, as the title of the book suggests, a predecessor of the famous queen Cleopatra, but unfortunately her name escapes me at present.

010. Les contes noirs, par Jacques Collin de Plancy
Cover uploaded on August 21, 2022
Cover picture taken from the original book (1818)

Next up was a compilation of short stories about French folk tales and legends, "black stories", as the title calls them. I liked this detail taken from an illustration of the original book which shows a dwarf-like magician and a sorcerer, staff in hand, riding a cloud in tandem with a wingèd beast. Why look any further? The font from cover number 4, Not for the Night-Time, got recycled and the topic of the dripping letters expanded on in the tears beneath the title.


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