Central Europe and Ukraine

In summer 2012, me and my sister decided to discover Central Europe and the Ukraine. After our wonderful experiences in Albania, I had set my sights on Transnistria, another little-known country. In fact, some people might argue that Transnistria isn't an independent state at all, just a rebellious region of Moldova, a pawn of Russian strategic interests, a relic of long-gone Soviet times. But then, some people also claim to have been abducted by aliens. I decided that I had to find out for myself. By now, Sonia and I had been teaching ourselves Russian for two years. This would also be a good opportunity to find out if we could make ourselves understood. It's often easier to try out your feeble language skills with a fellow non-native speaker. Or so I hoped.
Day 1: Luxembourg (L) – Regensburg (D)
Day 2: Regensburg – Pieštany (SK)
Day 3: Pieštany – Levoča
Day 4: Levoča – Haiduszoboszlo (H)
Day 5: Haiduszoboszlo – Sighetu Marmatiei (RO)
Day 6: Sighetu Marmatiei – Tergu Neamt
Day 7: Tergu Neamt – Chișinău (MD)
Day 8: Chișinău – Tiraspol (PMR)
Day 9: Tiraspol – Odessa (UKR)
Day 10: Odessa – Kiev
Day 11: Kiev
Day 12: Kiev – Lviv
Day 13: Lviv – Krakow (PL)
Day 14: Krakow – Berlin (D)